Treating Age Spots with Laser Cosmetic Surgery

Age spots, which are also known as liver spots, sun spots, are large freckles, are blemishes that occur on the skin mostly as a result of life-long damage from the sun. In some cases, bleaching creams, topical medications, or alphahydroxy acids can be applied to the skin in order to lighten the appearance of age spots. But, laser cosmetic surgery is generally more effective and can take care of the problem in a much quicker amount of time.

The Procedure

For most people with age spots, it only takes one or two laser treatments to remove the appearance of the brown spots. With age spots that are exceptionally dark or large, it may take a few more treatments in order to achieve the look you desire.

For most patients, the laser treatment of age spots is relatively painless. Most describe it as feeling like a rubber band being snapped against the skin as the pulse dye laser delivers laser pulses to the affected area. Generally, the procedure takes only a few minutes to complete. If you are concerned about feeling pain or discomfort, as your doctor about applying a topical anesthesia to the area. Following the procedure, most patients feel little to know pain or discomfort.

Following Treatment

As laser removal of age spots is non-invasive, you can resume normal activity immediately following treatment. You may notice a little discoloration afterward, but this generally goes away within the first week after treatment. It can, however, last for several months. Several days after treatment, a crust will form over the treated area. This crust will fall off completely on its own within seven to fourteen days. You should be careful not to pick at the crust. Otherwise, scarring may form.

For the most part, age spots do not reappear after treatment. Some new spots, however, can appear over time. Fortunately, these spots can also be easily removed with laser cosmetic surgery. To help prevent new age spots from appearing, you should use sunscreen of at least SPF 15 at all times when outside, particularly on the treated area.

Deciding if Age Spot Laser Cosmetic Surgery is Right For You

Laser removal of age spots is considered a cosmetic surgery. Therefore, it most likely will not be covered by insurance. Therefore, you need to be prepared to pay for the procedure yourself. If your age spots are an embarrassment for you and if you have the funds to pay for the procedure, there is no reason not to go through with it. It is relatively painless, quick, and effective. The only risks are possible scarring and discoloration of the surrounding skin, but this is rare.

In addition, it laser treatment of age spots is perfectly safe. Laser treatment has been performed on millions of patients from around the world of varying ages. In fact, laser treatment is even safe on infants. Laser treatment is capable of altering the targeted area while leaving the surrounding tissue healthy and in tact.

Just because you are growing older, it doesn’t mean you need to show the signs. Age spots are a telltale sign of your growing age. Therefore, hide them away by having them removed and keep everyone around you guessing at just how old you really are.