Can You Really Eliminate Wrinkles

While most strategies will not completely eliminate wrinkles, there are a number of habits that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are 6 things you can do every day to keep your skin looking as wrinkle-free as possible:

1) Reduce Your Sugar Intake
Eating high amounts of sugar can lead to increased signs of aging as the natural byproducts in the break-down of sugar in your body will also reduce amounts of skin-plumping collagen. So, when the afternoon slump hits, try reaching for some fruit and a coffee-sans-sugar, rather than a candy bar.

2) Fight Free-Radicals with Antioxidants
Free-radicals are natural byproducts of chemical reactions in your body, but too many of them can cause damage to cells, and that includes your skin. The best way to counter free-radicals is to take in antioxidants, which are found in almost all fruits and vegetables, especially very colorful ones like berries, spinach, tomatoes, and broccoli.

3) Get Your Beauty Sleep
Studies have found that women who sleep only 2 hours less than the daily recommended amount, (which is 8 hours), for 5 nights, had a 45% increase in wrinkles. Also, sleeping on your back rather than your side will reduce the amount of friction your skin encounters overnight, and thus further protect you from developing wrinkles and fine lines.

4) Quit the Cigarettes
I know- this is a hard one. But if not for your lungs, do it for your youthful glow. With a decreased oxygen flow to your face of up to 40% caused by smoking, those wrinkles are going to have a hay-day. Additionally, the repeated motion of pursing your lips around the cigarette will cause and increase fine lines around your mouth- just one more reason to quit!

5) Wear Sunscreen- Always!
UV light that comes from the sun is nasty for causing premature wrinkles. Even if you wear sunscreen on a hot day at the beach, you’re probably not wearing enough on a daily basis. Exposing your skin to UV rays for just a few minutes each day will begin to add up, so make sure you use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30, daily. If you don’t like the feel of sunscreen on your face, there are plenty of foundations and light moisturizers that offer sun protection, so you’ve got no excuse!

6) Keep a Good Skincare Routine
Most makeup contains harsh chemicals that can add to the appearance of wrinkles over time, so make sure you wash your face every night before bed. Moisturizing is also very important, as dry skin causes wrinkles to look more pronounced. Another good skincare habit is to exfoliate at least a couple of times a week. Exfoliation causes your cells to produce more of that skin-plumping collagen we talked about before!


If you’re already practicing the above habits but are still unhappy with your results, you may want to look into your medical options. These can include injections (i.e., Botox), plastic surgery, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, ultrasound therapy, as well as medications such as Retin-A or topical solutions like a glycolic peel. For any medical procedure, contact your doctor first.

Taking care of your skin is important at any age. Whether you prefer more natural methods, or are considering medical treatments, these strategies will help you reduce and prevent the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.