Removing Permanent Makeup With Laser Cosmetic Surgery

Many women seek out a professional in micropigmentation to permanently deposit small amounts of pigment into their skin in order to achieve permanent makeup. This permanent makeup can be in the form of lip liners, eyeliners, and rouge. This procedure is done in much the same way as tattoos are added to the body. Just as with tattoos, however, some women change their mind later and no longer wish to have makeup permanently placed on their skin. Luckily, they can have it removed with laser cosmetic surgery.

Laser Removal

To remove permanent makeup with laser cosmetic surgery, it may require using more than one type of laser. This is largely dependent on how the permanent pigmentation was applied and the colors that were used. If more than one color of permanent makeup was applied, a different laser will likely be needed to remove each color.

To remove the permanent makeup, the doctor will need to shine a pulse-dye laser on the colored areas. This laser will break down the pigment without harming the surrounding skin. This broken down pigment is then absorbed by the body and harmlessly removed without scarring.

Some colors of pigmentation are more difficult to remove than others. In general, red, blue-black, and green are the easiest to remove. Other colors might take several treatments in order to be removed and may not be able to be removed completely at all. Therefore, it is important to discuss this in-depth with the doctor before beginning treatment. If the color can only be faded and not removed, you need to determine whether or not that is good enough for you and enter into the procedure with realistic expectations.

Deciding if Permanent Makeup Removal with Lasers is Right for You

If you wish to have permanent makeup removed, the only realistic option is laser treatment. Other options will either leave scarring or would be too dangerous to perform in the eye region if that is where the permanent makeup is located. At the same time, it is important for you to be fully aware of the possible outcome of the procedure and the fact that the pigmentation may not be able to be removed completely. In addition, you will experience a slight crusting of the area for a few days after the procedure and there may be some bleeding, depending on the type of laser that is used. Most of these side effects subside within seven to tens days after the procedure is done. It may, however, take several months before you notice the pigmentation completely faded.

Since permanent makeup removal is an elective procedure, unless you are having an adverse reaction to the pigmentation, most insurance companies will not cover it. Therefore, you will be expected to pay for the procedure yourself and you need to be prepared to pay for several treatments as it can take three or more to get the effects you desire.

If you got permanent makeup and now regret having it done, the best option for removal is to undergo laser cosmetic surgery. Although it may be somewhat costly, it will be worth it when you see your natural beauty showing through once more.